Wakefield Pork Cares

Animal Well-being

Proper animal care is of the utmost importance at Wakefield Pork. All of our employees and growers are trained in in both Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) and Transport Quality Assurance (TQA). Yep, even our receptionist is trained!

At Wakefield Pork, we have tremendous respect for the life of our animals and are committed to the highest ethical standards while raising them. We do the right thing in everything we do and we hire employees who hold themselves to the same high standards.

Natural Resources

At Wakefield Pork, we care about the environment. We plant trees around our barns and don’t waste water, electricity, or other resources.

We respect our natural resources and understand that they are not unlimited. In all aspects of our work, we look for ways to preserve the earth.


You are hard pressed not to see a Wakefield employee volunteering around the community! From coaching youth baseball to Polar Plunges, Wakefield employees love giving back!

Our communities are not just integral to our success and sustainability; where our growers prosper, our neighbors live, and our employees live. We look for ways to better our communities through volunteerism, charitable contributions, education, safe environmental practices and more.

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Safe Food

Wakefield Pork works closely with veterinarians to ensure our pigs are receiving high-quality care each day. Healthy, happy pigs make for a tasty, healthy pork product!

We believe that all families should have access to affordable, quality protein that has been raised ethically and nutritiously.

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Public Health

Take your shoes off at the door! Did you know that you not only have to take your shoes off when you visit one of our barns, you actually have to take a shower before we let you in? We care that much about the health of our animals. Not even nurses have to do that!

The Wakefield Pork family strives to deliver a quality pork product that you would be proud to serve your family. Protecting the health and safety of our animals and our employees is top priority for our company.

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Work Environment

We at Wakefield Pork are dedicated to safety and teamwork. Our safety representatives meet on a regular basis to discuss pertinent safety items. Our barn crews work together in teams of 8 to 14 to achieve barn goals, while having fun at work! Here at Wakefield Pork, we have a carefully cultivated culture of caring – for our employees and animals.

The camaraderie of our team not only makes work fun and fulfilling, it differentiates us from our competitors.