Our Culture

When you ask people what they think of when they hear the name Wakefield Pork, you often hear the same answer – family.

We come by that reputation naturally. Wakefield Pork was founded in 1991, by two, second-generation farming families. Family has been the foundation of our business since the very beginning. It’s what sets us apart.

You see it in how we treat each other. We foster camaraderie and value everyone’s efforts equally. We collaborate, celebrate and care for each other − all of which makes our work more fun and fulfilling.

Our values

We don’t just talk about our values at WPI, we live them. Each and every day, we find ways to be the best we can be by living our 5 core values.

  • Principled – We raise our pigs using the utmost ethical, innovative and nutritious methods.
  • Forward Thinking– We focus on continuous improvement and are always looking for opportunities to listen and change.
  • Dynamic and United – Our team members bring their own best practices, experiences and knowledge. We encourage the sharing of ideas because when shared, everyone’s game is raised.
  • Steady and Stable – WPI is persistent in our pursuit of growth and sustainability, even in the most challenging economies
  • From Our Family to Yours – Each of our employees and growers play an important part in bringing dinner to the family table. We are proud consumers of our own product.


Our History

Wakefield Pork’s first sow farm was located near Richmond, MN, in Wakefield township. The farm housed 600 sows and included some outdoor production. In 1991 it was the beginning of a much bigger vision!

Although the Richmond site is no longer with us, it was the foundation for production expansion of the Langhorst and Peters farms. By the following year, we had hired our first full-time office staff, contracted our first farrowing and finishing site and started toll milling arrangements with local feed mills. Using innovative management techniques and controlled expansion, our company has grown to employ nearly 250 people and partners with nearly 250 contracted farmers throughout south central Minnesota and northwestern Iowa.

As a symbol of WPI’s pioneering days, our foyer mantle holds a keepsake from the barn’s wood slats, crafted by Richmond’s original owner, manager and record keeper, Herb Schmidt.

In 2000, we chose to enroll in the USDA’s Pork for the European Union (PFEU) program, following strict guidelines that allow us to export pork in the European Union and Japan markets. The most significant stipulation being “pork…from animals that have never been treated with hormonal growth promotants.”

Today, Wakefield is led by owners Steve, Mary Langhorst and Lincoln Langhorst, along with a talented management team. Each day, we lead our team through a shared set of ethical principles that is upheld through the collaboration of ideas, a shared investment in success and the ability to have fun!