Bill LeBrun

I have been with Wakefield Pork for eighteen years. I have always been involved in production, as I grew up on a farm. My experience has led me to stand up for the industry when needed and I encourage others to consumer pork whenever I get a chance. My favorite part of working for WPI has been watching the growth and all-around improvement that has occurred over the years. All changes and growth involve a lot of patience and hard work. The company itself is dedicated, fair, and committed. All employees reap the benefits of a company that has a great reputation within the industry and that hires decent people to work with who are serious about pig production. Wakefield Pork has allowed anyone who wants to work hard and is dedicated to their job to advance over the years when the opportunity presents itself. Within my role at Wakefield Pork, I try to adjust to the changes that happen each day and work to improve the image of the industry and the company. I try to set a standard that others can follow. WPI, like most employers, looks for and recognizes employees who are reliable, follow the rules, and look for ways to improve upon what they do. If employees go out of their way to do something extra, they will be recognized and do well. Working for Wakefield Pork, employees have a lot of responsibility. As field staff members, employees are out on their own, representing the company’s procedures and goals. The way our field staff team members and all employees represent themselves when out on the job has a great impact and has an effect on the company’s outcomes. Employees set high expectations for themselves because of the responsibility they have to represent Wakefield Pork well.