Meet The Staff


The WPI Family 


Accounting Department

Justin Sandmann


Jeanine Bacon


Justin Sandmann

Financial Accounting


Mitch Hammes

Cost Accountant

Jeanine Bacon

Accounts Payable/

Payroll Manager

Kali Loverude

Accounts Payable




Public Relations

Lincoln Langhorst Rebecca Lindemann - Wakefield Pork

Lincoln Langhorst

Director of Logistics

Rebecca Lindemann 

PR & Marketing Manager


 Human Resources

Support Staff 

Kristi Schaffer

Rosie Kruggel - Wakefield Pork

Jessie Uecker - Wakefield Pork


Kristi Schaffer 

 HR Specialist

 Rosie Kruggel

HR Administrator

Jessie Uecker

Transportation Assistant



Support Staff 

 Mona Forst - Wakefield Pork   Jeri Odenthal - Wakefield Pork  Sarah Johnson - Wakefield Pork  

 Mona Forst

Executive Administrator

Jeri Odenthal

Supply Technician

Sarah Johnson



Information Specialists

 Julie Dummer - Wakefield Pork   Amanda Pinske - Wakefield Pork   Chris Vos - Wakefield Pork  

Julie Dummer

I.T. Technician

Amanda Pinske

I.T. Technician

Chris Vos

I.T. Technician



 Farrowing Supervisors

  Todd Marotz - Wakefield Pork Mike Atzenhoefer - Wakefield Pork  
   Todd Marotz Mike Atzenhoefer   



Contact Us

Our staff is ready to assist you! Please contact our office at the number listed below:


Wakefield Pork Inc.

410 Main Avenue East

Gaylord, MN 55334

Phone (507) 237-5581

Fax (507) 237-5584