We are passionate about the work we do at Wakefield Pork and love to share our passion with the next generation of leaders. With our 360-degree Internship Experience, you’ll get a unique opportunity to work in all areas of production, including boar stud, farrowing, wean-to-finish and office support. And, you’ll learn the principles of the National Pork Board’s We Care Initiative and be able to put them into action each day.

Our interns work closely with barn managers, department leads, and veterinarians to conduct in-house research projects on exciting, current topics. Examples of research projects include colostrum intake studies, feed efficiency studies, and more.

Our interns are an important part of the Wakefield Pork family, and take part in Company picnics, volunteer events and more!

In Their Own Words – Meet a Few of Our Interns

Cody Milbrath – Springfield, MN

Animal Science – South Dakota State University

“The internship with Wakefield Pork was a hands-on learning experience. I learned more from the internship than I had in all my animal sciences classes up to that point at school.  All of the Wakefield Pork employees went out of their way to answer my questions and help me learn.  I encourage anyone who is interested in a career working with pigs to give this internship a try. I guarantee it will be a summer well spent!”

MN Pork - Langhorst Pork - 660

Mitch Setterman – Gaylord, MN

Business Management – University of Minnesota Duluth

“My internship helped set my goal of becoming a sow farm manager in stone. I would recommend an internship with Wakefield Pork for anyone who is serious about a career in the pork industry. Whether you are interested in production, logistics, or an office job, Wakefield Pork will provide you with quality experience and knowledge.”

Janae Mogler – Lester, IA

Animal Science – South Dakota State University

“While interning with Wakefield Pork, I enjoyed working with different people in their different roles within the company, and seeing the passion they have for the industry. Wakefield Pork is a family-orientated company and welcoming to all. The internship fueled my passion for the pork industry to another level. Wakefield Pork’s internship program stands out from any others I have heard of or experienced.”

Olivia Schmidt – Hanska, MN

Plant Science and Animal Science – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

“During my internship, I worked on a few projects both independently and in collaboration with the other interns. Taking part in both plant and animal projects this summer allowed me to explore all parts of pig production. With a better understanding of pork production, I will be able to build a career in this industry.”

Olivia Kendall – Jordan, MN

Biology / Animal Science – Pre-vet– South Dakota State University

“Coming into this internship, I had limited experience with pigs, but wanted to gain an understanding of the entire production system. The variety throughout the summer helped me gain a basic understanding of all aspects of pig farming. I hope to pursue a career in food animal veterinary medicine, so the opportunity to work with pigs throughout different life stages, has been an incredible opportunity for me. Wakefield Pork’s unique internship program is tailored to individual interests and encourages interns to focus on learning from their community of supportive and knowledgeable people.”

Ask us to tell you more about the 360-degree Intern Experience at your fair or contact us to learn more.