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As consumers ourselves, Wakefield Pork's network of employees and independent family farmers work diligently to produce a pork product they would be proud to see in a grocer's meat case. Our farm-to-fork strategy incorporates a variety of ways in which consumers can make pork a confident meal choice, including science and technology, grass root initiatives, leadership opportunities and participation in the pork industry's We Care program.

Watch video testimonials from Wakefield growers & employees in our Pig Tales section about their Wakefield experience!

Wakefield Pork continually strives to uphold social standards in animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and public health through the
We Care program. It is our hope that these efforts will encourage all consumers to join us in enjoying the wonderful taste of PORK!

Wakefield Pork - We Care

We Care

We Care is a joint initiative developed in 2009 by the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council as a platform to demonstrate our industry's commitment to responsible production. As pork production evolves, producers want consumers to know that our industry's changing infrastructure has led to... Read More

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